Xtreme LOLz!


What exactly does XLOL mean?
Xtreme Laugh Out Loud. Yes, we know LOL originally meant you were actually laughing aloud in your cubicle all alone, like some lunatic who peed himself while reading the punchline of a joke.  But these days it’s more like a *grins or a *smiles. Well, we’re here to set the record straight: if you are XLOL-ling (extremely laughing out loud), this means you’re farting while giggling at something so funny, so hilarious, that your world, nay, your paradigm is never the same again!

What do you mean by “extreme?”
Extreme humor does not necessarily equate with sex, extreme sports, Jackass, or over-caffeinated sports drinks. It simply means “heightened.”

How do you pronounce XLOL?
You say it with a Southern drawl.  “Ex-Lawwwl.”   Never, under any circumstances, is it ever pronounced “Ex-Ell-Oh-Ell.”

Who came up with XLOL?
The term began usage as an Instant Messaging comment between two talented Marketing professionals at a business  services company based in Northern California, circa  June 2009. The two professionals in question can only be named if you email us at extreme.lolz@gmail.com to ask for the answer yourself.

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